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The Revevol Certified Trainer Network

With more than ten years of international change management experience, Revevol is proud to bring you the largest global network of certified trainers for Workplace by Facebook.

Get to know the Revevol trainer network:


More than 450 certified trainers


Training delivered in over 35 languages


Local experts in over 80 countries


Over 60,000 people trained


More than 4,000 training sessions already delivered around the world

Leverage our network to:


Ensure large-scale adoption of Workplace


Improve communication across your entire company, from the latest hires to seasoned CEOs, in any department or location


Increase employee engagement with an intuitive collaboration platform

Training Modules

When creating a Workplace launch plan, we focus on two groups of employees, “ambassadors” and “champions.”

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Training for Ambassadors

Ambassadors the leaders in your company. They publicly demonstrate the benefits of Workplace by actively promoting it and using it themselves.


Training for Champions

Champions come from all over your company. They identify how Workplace can help their teams and find ways to integrate it into their daily routines.

It is critical to coach and empower both groups. We use a proven training methodology that provides both sets of users with the key skills and information that they need. Our certified trainer network is also available to train your Workplace end users.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We thoroughly assess our trainers using proprietary processes and tools.


Following each training session, attendees are sent a quality survey.


Results are always available to the customer in real-time online.


Our rigorous assessment and 360° evaluations ensure quality training that meets your business objectives.

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