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With more than ten years of international change management experience, Revevol is proud to bring you through its
G Suite user training, the largest global network of certified G Suite trainers.

Get to know the Revevol
trainer network:

certifConsists of over 450 certified trainers
worldTrainings in over 35 languages
locationLocal experts in 80 countries
Icones G Suite-09Over 80 000 people trained
formationOver 10,000 G Suite training sessions already executed

Leverage our trainer
network to:

peopleEnsure that G Suite is smoothly adopted by all your employees
talkImprove communication across your entire company
arrowIncrease collaboration and productivity by transforming the way that your organization works
Office_365_world-01 Countries covered by our network of Certified Trainers Network
Quality Guaranteed 
Certified Trainer_Certificate

We rigorously evaluate our trainers to offer you the best possible training.

Certified Trainer_Checklist

Following each session, participants will receive a satisfaction survey via email and are asked to evaluate the quality of the training.

Certified Trainer_Chart

Results of the survey will be made available online upon submission.

Certified Trainer_Return

Our rigorous, thorough evaluation process guarantees high-quality training in line with your professional goals

Training Modules:

 Our approach to change management includes the following modules:

Icones G Suite-01


Employees from different departments get together to brainstorm which current processes can be transformed using G Suite. We employ these ideas to generate custom use cases to cover during training.



Company leaders receive personalized coaching so that they can start using and promoting G Suite.



Champions are influential employees within the organization. They receive in-depth training so they can integrate it into their routines and promote it to their colleagues. Champions are also trained on how to deal with resistance to change.



By focusing on the most relevant use cases, end-users learn to use G Suite in a practical manner, encouraging them to embrace the new tools.

If you prefer a different approach, please contact us. We would be happy to develop custom training modules to better meet your needs.

office week1
Revevol’s Google Week includes various specialised classes that employees can attend depending on their specific work needs.
When combined with a motivational campaign that can include various challenges and prizes, Google Week helps to get your teams familiar with all of G Suite’s tools.